by Stretch*d

Introducing, Staycation by Stretch*d. A limited time pop-up featuring a range of contactless, feel-good services. It’s a little slice of warmth, relaxation, and good vibes in the heart of NYC.⁠ All Staycation guests enjoy complimentary beverages from Vita Coco** and guided meditation from Breethe. Experience a getaway—no planes or quarantine required!

**as supplies last

A Day at the Beach

Get Lit + Get Warm*d – Relax on the warmth of the  infrared HigherDose mat, allow the PEMF frequency to induce a grounding sensation and all the while, let the gentle, warm LED lights work their FDA-cleared anti-wrinkle magic. You pretend you’re in St Bart’s (we’ll provide the refreshment from Vita Coco) while we let you relax.


20-mins | $30

Head to Toe Treatment

Head to Toe Treatment

Get Puls*d + Get Lit – A gentle leg massage and lymphatic drainage for your lower extremities plus an Anti*aging facial all-in-one.


20-mins  | $40

Body Roll*r

Lymphatic massage, muscle recovery and body shaping using infrared heated rollers moving at an optimal speed. The heat and pressure offer an acupressure massage that relieves muscle tension and stimulates lymphatic drainage. 

Three programs for targeted results:

  • Core Roll (core focus) 24-min | $24
  • Low Roll (low body focus) 30-min | $30
  • Whole Roll (whole body) 50-min | $45