8 Essential Stretch*s for Golf

Golfing requires considerable mobility and power in the torso and hips. Stay loose in that swing and stance with this stretch routine. Pre- and post-game stretches will help you warm up and be back in no time for the next round.

If you’re tight or inflexible and are asking your muscles to contract and produce power through explosive movements, you may also be prone to injury. Regular stretching helps reduce risk of injury by keeping these muscles loose and productive.

This 8 minute stretching routine is designed to target key muscle groups in these areas to improve mobility, increase performance, speed up recovery and hopefully lengthen your drive down the fairway.

Improving range of motion in the hips, shoulders and back are all key to improving your golf game. If you’re lacking flexibility in these areas, you may not be able to swing and hit the golf ball to your potential, no matter your level of strength.

Stretching immediately before a game is important to improve mobility. However, it’s also important to remember to also stretch post-game. This will reduce any potential soreness (especially if you have not been playing for a season) and help the muscles recover properly for the next round. As with any pursuit, consistency is key. We recommend you stretch regularly throughout the week to keep yourself loose and flexible.