Stretches for Pre/Postnatal

Our Pre/Postnatal offering is a unique 40 min session designed to cater to the ever changing needs of our pregnant clients. Throughout the course of a pregnancy, the body goes through a tremendous amount of change and stress. As these changes develop, we can help to alleviate tightness and discomfort, not only in the common hot spots for pain but throughout the entire body as well.

Our Stretch*rs are trained to know the do’s and don’ts for pre/postnatal clients. We’ll avoid certain movements and positions to best suit the client’s needs and keep the baby safe.  
Some helpful stretch*s:

  1. Trunk Twist*r- when dealing with a pregnancy, it’s best to avoid any substantial movement of the spine especially forward flexion and extension. This gentle twist (with the client laying on their side) allows us to get some movement throughout the spine and help get amazing relief in the lower back which is a very common area for discomfort during a pregnancy. 
  2. Smooth Walk*rs- as the baby grows, there is a lot more weight to carry which places a considerable amount of stress on the lower leg and feet. These stretches help to promote circulation throughout the calf, ankle and foot and will help breathe new life into the area after they inevitably feel tense and stale. 
  3. The Hips- There are many directions to move the legs when stretching the hips. However, as the belly grows it’s extremely important to not place any stress on the area by pressing the leg into the abdomen in an attempt to relieve the hip. We’re able to tweak these movements to accommodate a growing belly while still providing relief throughout the hip (an area that’s constantly shifting to make room for a growing baby)
  4. Traction- for this offering we’ve implemented different ways to provide traction to the hip and low back. Because this area is constantly shifting, it feels great to help ease that transition for our expecting clients by tractioning the hips in many different directions as they switch positions throughout the session.