Get Stretch*d

“The Only Self-Care Strategy You’ll Ever Need” – Men’s Health

A better way to stretch

One-on-one dynamic assisted stretch sessions

Perform Better

Perform Better

Increase range of motion and activate key muscle groups

Recover Faster

Recover Faster

Reduce stiffness and soreness and get back to your routine sooner.



Make space for yourself. Relax, let us do the stretching.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce Risk of Injury

Aleviate joint stress and improve longevity.

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A convenient, customized, feel-good way to improve your health.

We do the stretching for you.

Our expert Stretch*rs take you through a customized stretch experience, gently building your flexibility and stretching you in ways you can’t stretch yourself.

Why stretch*d?

Here’s why we’re going to get along great

We do the stretching for you

All the benefits, with no thinking and no sweat. Relax in comfort for a customized one-on-one session.

Stretch experts

Developed by Masters-level musculoskeletal experts. We’ve helped every body—from desk sitters to professional athletes.

Make long lasting change

We understand and treat your issues at the root cause—helping you to live pain free and improve the way you move.

“The only self-care strategy you’ll ever need”

Expert Advice

Let’s talk about stretch.

You work hard, you work out hard — and you need to recover if you want to keep it up long term.
Make rapid, measurable results in just 6 weeks with our Loos*n Up Program.
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What our members are saying.


It really is so much better having someone do this for you.

Carly, Brooklyn, NY


I go running in Central Park which results in tightness in my back and legs. My stretch sessions are amazing and significantly ease the soreness. They also help with the back tightness that I get from sitting at my desk for hours.

Mary, New York, NY


Working at home, I found myself getting stiffer and tighter. Discovering Stretch*d was great—my body feels so good after a 30 minute stretch. I can’t recommend Stretch*d more highly.

Richard, Westchester, NY


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